About us

Who we are?

In the e-commerce Ocean, we are not even a droplet, but striving and aspiring to be in the minds of satisfied & delighted customers.

In 2014, We made a humble start in Silk Thread Jewelry and our introduction of Silk Threaded Jumka is the first in the industry. We are supplying to individual and wholesale customers across the country and all over the world. This is the Silk Threaded Jumka that we introduced. We initially made it on top of Home Made Clay and this photo was taken by our Toy Camera. This is the product that has given us an unique identity in the Silk Thread Industry.

We are the first in introducing Payment Gateway to our Facebook channels, so that our customers can buy our products confidently using their, Credit, Debit cards, Net Banking & Wallets. We are the first one in the Industry for accepting payments through UPI (Unified Payment Interface). We are located at Bangalore and having manufacturing units at Bangalore & Tamilnadu .

We are supplying to Retail & Wholesale customers to all over India, USA, Canada, UK, Eurpoe, New Zealand, Dubai, Signapore, Malaysia & Australia. Our Primary channel is Facebook (Yaalz Silk Thread Accessories) through which you can contact us for your Order status, Review, Criticism, Feedback or any Clarifications. Our website is enabled for Indian Currency only. Hence, International (Retail & Wholesale) customers are requested to reach us through our Facebook Page: Yaalz Silk Thread Accessories.

International customers, can place their Retail/Wholesale orders through our Facebook Page: Yaalz Silk Thread Accessories and make their payment through Western Union (Direct Account Transfer), Paypal or by Xoom (Powered by Paypal)

In our Facebook Page: Yaalz Silk Thread Accessories we are available form 11 am to 6 pm excluding Sundays and Holidays. Typically we reply to our customer queries in 30 minutes.

We are a Proud team of having 99% of workforce as Women, especially Housewives, because they know the real meaning of "Commitment". Needless to say, Our team is our core strength in making our products as unique master piece with excellent finishing and honoring our customer orders in timely manner. 

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